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Chris was employed with Revenue Canada (CRA) for six years between 1983 and 1989. He began his career with the department's Taxation division. At the time he left the department to join Iwasan in 1989, he was employed with the Excise division as a Tax Interpretations Officer. Upon joining Iwasan he worked primarily with manufacturing firms across Canada assisting with the recovery of overpaid taxes. Since 1992, Chris has been a partner with Iwasan and his focus has been evaluating, preparing and managing SR&ED claims for Canadian clients.

Marlene Conway
Marlene Conway is an independent consultant contracted by Iwasan to evaluate projects; write technical reports; rebut science reports from CRA and represent Iwasan at science meetings. Marlene Conway is an enterprising and accomplished leader and executive, with solid experience in diverse industries, academia and government. She is an inventor with several patents held, and has founded and developed several companies, most notably in the environmental sector. Ms. Conway is educated in Marketing and Business Administration and has Associate degrees in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering.

J. Richard Green, P.Eng., BASc., MASc.

Richard is an independent consultant contracted by Iwasan to evaluate projects; write technical reports; rebut science reports from CRA and represent Iwasan at science meetings. He holds BASc Mechanical Engineering (1966); MASc Mechanical Engineering, (1970) and he has been registered as a professional Engineer since 1968. Mr. Green has extensive experience over the last 38 years in a wide variety of mechanical engineering projects. He holds several patents, the first in 1975 and the most recent issued in 1998. Mr. Green has been successfully preparing SR&ED technical reports since 1986. His education, extensive industry experience and SR&ED knowledge covers most areas of mechanical engineering and machine design with special emphasis on the integration of microcomputer technology and machinery.

Mark Krebs, B.Phys, MSc

Mark Krebs is a contract writer of software and high tech reports for Iwasan. He is president of Logovision Wireless Inc. and CTO of Movidity Inc. and the inventor and developer of an alternative transmission model for video streaming to mobile clients. Mr. Krebs has an honours degree in physics from the University of Toronto. He also has a masters degree in computer science from Carnegie-Mellon. Mr. Krebs has had over 20 years of industry experience with companies that have developed successful new systems, in the areas of office automation (Kurzweil Computers, Boston); Bell Labs; real time graphic simulation (Ferranti-Packard), video and LCD (liquid crystal display) mass retailing systems (Telepanel). Mr. Krebs is the author of three patents in the area of structured, multimedia document indexing and text retrieval, and three in the area of true multipoint-to-multipoint, packet-based video telecommunication; one in IP-based video transmission; 16 patents pending in mobile video transmission and digital video and audio codec optimization. Mr. Krebs was also a member of the CATA Alliance Working Group (1999-2000) which re-defined Revenue Canada's Software Guide IC 97-1 for SR&ED claims.

Kevin Turnbull, CA (Turnbull & Company, Chartered Accountant)

Kevin is an independent CA and economist. Kevin's firm prepares the financial submissions for Iwasan's SR&ED claims in Canada. Kevin has an extenisve background in corporate accounting, SR&ED claim preparation, as well as economics.

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